Dear Match Official,

Thank you for reading this page, it means a lot to us.

If you want to contribute as builder/helper and/or as NROI official we can offer roof over your head, three meals per day and a wonderful atmosphere. We are looking for NROI to work on the match, builders for building stages and also helpers.

Please click the green button , fill out the form and we will contact you.

Crew application

We will commence the building already on the 1st of July, almost one whole month ahead of the pre match.

The long preparation time will not only ensure maximum stage quality, it will also offer flexibility to all of us who want to help. No one is expected to spend a whole month on the range – if you can come and help just the first week or maybe just the second week of July, then you are still most welcome!


Specifics – dates

NROI Range Officers have to report to the range no later than the 27th of July.

Please bring your personal equipment such as: timers, staplers, writing bord and so on.


Builders help with the building of stages, forestry work, painting etc and have to report to the range no later than 22nd of July 2019 or take part in the building during a self chosen minimum six day period between 1st of July and 29th of July. (For example one self chosen full week or three self chosen weekends).  All builders who work for six days or more will have a guaranteed slot in the Pre Match. Please bring power tools and other tools if you have.


The IROA Call Up will take place the normal way through IROA, make sure you sign up there!

All IROA will have a guaranteed slot in the Pre Match.